Twitch.TV and other news

Soo, I have been twitching Minecraft over the past several nights and will be uploading my progress to youtube as time goes on. I think this will be a regular thing with my camera up while its daytime and Afterdark with music while its night, I also chat with who ever shows up at the channel but at the moment chat text does not show up during the broadcast. (Haven’t decided on which software I wish to purchase yet)

In other things I should be posting a drunken pod cast, one of our first which should be very entertaining, if you like to listen to drunken peeps discuss all kinds of things. I still am awaiting to announce new comics for one of our old goodies but its still a work in progress. The one hint I will give you is I am not in charge of this comic series :P. I am still a bit behind in editing certain things but should have a better schedule set for all that soon. All in all near the end of march beginning of April our regular shows should be back on the air. Lets plays with me and Lyitcun and of course drunken gamers!