Welcome to our X-Mugen Project. I have always loved my modded X-box and when I found out I could use Mugen on it I got right to work.

The first thing to note is that X-mugen is a little unstable in nature and not all current characters you find will work on it. Some are to high res and some just glitch out like crazy. This set up I have for you today is one that I have been tinkering with for a while. The plan is to eventually fully fill out the roster. As time has gone on we have removed and replaced characters because of various glitches or some just being way to over powered (IE: 1 Hit kills). Some characters still have infinite combos and I don’t plan to redo the characters to fix this. I do have plans to fix some balancing issues but this line-up is to large to ever be truly balanced.


We will be offering two versions, one for PC and one for the original Xbox (this will only work on a modded xbox and only if its installed properly).


Simply extract the .rar file and run the mugen.exe in the folder

Please note that oddly enough our PC version isn’t as well tested and may have some graphical issues in particular the names, timer and power indicator are all to big and we are trying to figure out why. This has mostly been tested on the actual XBOX.

X-Box version: LINK

Just extract the file and FTP this to your MODDED XBOX in the game folder and your set. (Note: it shows up as king of fighters when trying to access it from the XBOX)