X-Mugen Updates and other things

First off I will be uploading a newer PC Version of our Mugen later today due to some issues we have been having. I will also post up to the best of my ability a roster.

Now on to other things, I am in the middle of shooting my first review episode which is proving to be a larger task than anticipated, but I am up to the challenge. I am also working on some other aspects to make future videos even better. Soon our store will be operational again with a new look and merchandise!

So no video this week..


I have been working on this off and on over a year now, trying to find characters that work well on X-Mugen. X-Mugen is a version of Mugen (A fighting game engine) that runs on a MODDED XBOX. I am uploading a PC version as well so you can play around with it before you decide to port it over to your XBOX. This is very much a work in progress as this is still very un-refined in certain areas.

I have added a section to the sight for it, if you missed it in the menu you can check it out HERE.

Drunken Gamers Episode 12 – Contra III: The Alien Wars

CHRIS and Scar go down a familiar path and try another Contra game!

Also staring : The Dumb Newbie, Myriad Mike, Lyitcun

This also concludes our first season of drunken gamers, we will be back later this year with more games and more drinking! Be sure to subscribe and follow the channel as we will be bringing other shows to you for a while till the next Drunken Gamers season!

Missed Deadlines and Updates

I hate doing this, but because of how much other work I had to do this weekend I am missing my deadline for posting the last Drunken Gamers Episode. I have been working on it trying to make the last one a good one to end on.

In other news I am working on setting up our store again! I have alot of new ideas and plan on getting the store shiny and worth looking at. I also plan on updating the web hosting service soon as we have recently run into some difficulties. This is a simple enough fix and will probably be done with little to no down time. I am still working on releasing our beta versions of an Xmugen our staff has been working on. The release will have two versions one for windows and one for hacked Xboxs.

Again I will be trying to get that last episode of Drunken Gamers out later this week, I’m sorry again for the delay.

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