Hero-Quest Moddified!

A while back I received a full copy of HeroQuest from a friend. As much as I loved the game I thought it would be fun to make something more interesting from it. I began painting all the figures and started working on modified rules to make the experience more fun. Recently my nephews started playing it as sort of an introduction to rpgs, this has inspired me to take another crack at the whole process. I will be posting in my spare time my progress and pictures of all the additions to the game I make. I want to share my rules that I create and of course give access to my remix of this game.

Reel World – A Gaming store lives again!

As of September a piece of my youth was given new life. Roger Kolikas opened the doors to Reelworld and there was much rejoicing! Its new location, 9819 Goodman Rd, Olive Branch, MS, is almost next door to where its original location was some 10+ years ago. I was in college at the time of the original incarnation and spent many a weekend hanging out with friends, playing video games, and competing in Magic the Gathering tournaments. This newest version is truly amazing in its setup and design. Roger has efficiently set up his store to host almost any type of table top gaming experience and a common area with a video projector. Reel World is even starting up a Smash Brother league that will be streamed on Twitch during the tournaments. All of this combined with his retail area and a back room filled with TVs and various video game systems means you could hang out here for hours and be thoroughly entertained. The store its self has a $5 cover charge (except on Free Fridays)which allows the use of the common areas. Memberships are also offered with the following benefits.

Membership benefits:
1. Retail merchandise will be priced at only 20% above cost.
2. Waiving of all DOOR CHARGES for the duration of membership
3. Member Only Tournaments will ALL be member appreciation and will be scheduled at least 1 week in advance to give members time to schedule it in. Definition of Member appreciation tournament: Format will vary, game will vary, prizes will be entry fee (If there is one) plus bonus cash added by the shop of $2/player. Occasionally free swag that comes from distributors will be given at random during these tournaments as well.
4. Access to member only fridge
5. Waiving of party entry fees for special events
6. We will have a monthly member meeting to hear opinions and vote on what to allocate the growth fund toward. If the item or items we have voting into being is something that will take time to save for, the growth fund will automatically be allocated to that item until it’s purchased….and members will be notified at the meeting as to the progress until it is.
7. Birthday benefit! (Free Large Ice Cream from the OB Market next door)
8. Members have the option of becoming a T.O. for any game other than Magic so you can earn your gaming rewards and schedule your own tournaments.
9. Bottled water in the Member fridge stocked by the shop
10. Ability to schedule marathons/personal events in the lounge

1. Low monthly cost of only $50/mo, 3mo/$140, 6mo/$260, 12mo/$500 per person
2. For families that want more than 1 membership, each additional member will only cost $25/mo and this can be added to any membership package

All in all its a good thing to have this locale store back. A new generation of gamers gets to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and mingle with more experienced gamers who can introduce them to new strategies and play styles for all sorts of games. So I implore you to visit ReelWorld if you’re in the local area!

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